How to Add Title Attribute in WordPress Menu?

Add Title Attribute in WordPress Menu

The Title Attribute will help you to show more info about your menu items and it is easy to add in navigation menu items in WordPress. So, In this article, we will learn how to add a title attribute to the WordPress navigation menu.

The Title Attribute will show the extra information of that specific menu item. It will expand the meaning of the navigation label and give your users more context of that menu item links.

You can add useful information about the menu item such as what users can expect from the link. And where the link will take them.

The title attribute enables the browser to display the extra information when the users will mouse over on that menu link.

So, WordPress has the ability to add the title attribute of the navigation menu item. It is hidden by default, you have to show them by simple setting on the menu page.

In this article, we will go through step by step guide to add the title attribute in the navigation menu and test it at the front end.

Let’s start with how to add a title attribute.

Add Title Attribute in WordPress Menu Items

To add the title attribute in the WordPress menu items, you need to follow the below steps.

Firstly, you need to visit menu page by this path Appearance >> Menus. You can see this option in the left sidebar of the admin dashboard.

You will see the below screen.

WordPress Menu Page

On this menu page, you will see the Screen Options tab at the top right corner. So, click on this tab, it will expand the settings panel down and you can see the many options there.

From these settings, you have to check the checkbox for Title Attribute. See the settings in the below image.

Screen Options for Menu Title Attribute

When you checked that Title Attribute checkbox then you will see the extra option in the menu items. Now, It will allow adding title attribute for each WordPress menu item.

Before and After Screen of Menu Item

So, in that field, you can add the title attribute to show the extra information of the menu link such as what the link about. And which page it refers to when users click on it.

See in the below image, the menu label is My Account. So, by this label users will get confused about what the link is? Is this a WordPress account or WooCommerce account or Membership account?

Check this tutorial for how to add woocommerce cart icon in the WordPress menu

So here, we need to add a title attribute to tell what the link is about. I added the below image as an example.

Title Attribute Added to the Menu Item

Add the title attribute to your all menu items and click on the Save Menu button to save the changes.

You can test it on your front end. Visit the website and then take the mouse over to the menu item. You will see the title attribute description shown as a tooltip.

Title Attribute at Frontend

I hope you understand the article on how to add a title attribute to the WordPress menu item. If you have any query ask me in the comment section or can send me an email.

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