How to Detect IE Browser (Internet Explorer or Edge) in JavaScript?

You can detect the ie browser using a javascript. Just create the javascript function and it in the footer or header of the webpage that you want to detect. And you can check which browser is being used.

Why do you need to check? Because some functionality is not run on older browsers like the Internet Explorer (IE). And you want to some tricky with only for that browser. So that’s why you need to check.

So, Let’s see how we can detect IE (Internet Explorer) browsers using javascript junction. We will use window.navigator.userAgent to detect it, you can check here about it.

To check the Internet Explorer 12+ (Edge)
To check the Internet Explorer 11
To check the Internet Explorer 10 or older

Hope you are able to detect ie browser in javascript. If you have any questions please let me know in the comment section.

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