Loading Spinner in React JS

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to add the loading spinner button in react js? The spinner is used when users have to wait for a response.

For example, you have a form to submit the information to the server. That form has input fields and a submit button to send the data to the server. So when users type the information and hit the submit button then the spinner will load until getting the response from the server.

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To add a loading spinner in react js, you have to import the bootstrap spinner component from the bootstrap package.

Run the above commands to install the bootstrap and react-bootstrap package. These packages have a spinner component to use in our react application.

Now import the bootstrap.min.css and Spinner component in react component. Use the following code line to import the files.

Let’s have a look at the example to import the Spinner component and working with that. I will use the src/App.js file, you can use your own file where you want to load the spinner.

If you want to customize the react-bootstrap spinner loading button then you can check this link spinner component. You will find more options there to change the animation of the loading spinner.

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