5 ways to check wordpress version

In this tutorial, we will learn how you can check wordpress version. We will check it programmatically and manually from the file. There are 5 ways to check WordPress version….

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Add Text Before and After Add to Cart

How to add text after OR before cart button in WooCommerce?

In this article, we will learn how you can add text after or before cart button in woocommerce. We will do this for single product page and shop/product category page….

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Check String with PHP strpos() Function

How to Check String Contains a Specific Word in PHP?

If you are a developer and want to check string contains a specific word or substring, then you are in right place. We will discuss here how you can check…

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Create a Child Theme in WordPress

How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress?

If you are satisfied and love your current active theme and want to do some changes in the theme files. So in this case you need to create a child…

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How to Install WordPress Plugin?

How to Install WordPress Plugin Step by Step Guide 2021?

WordPress plugins are additional features to enhance extra functionality in our WordPress website. We can activate and deactivate it from the admin dashboard. To install WordPress plugin, you need to…

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How to Create Custom Page Template in WordPress?

How to Create a Custom Page Template in WordPress?

WordPress page templates are a specific template file, which used for a specific page or group of pages. These templates used for single-page data show at the frontend. We can…

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How to install React-Router and use it?

React Router is the routing library for React. It is a collection of routing components. It used to navigate the website from one page to another page. Many latest websites…

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install reactjs

How to install reactjs and create a app?

React is the most popular JavaScript library nowadays. It is a very fast, lightweight, and flexible library and easy to learn. It has two types ReactJS for web development and…

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How to get WooCommerce order details?

As we know that, WooCommerce is the most popular platform for eCommerce solutions, and it already has by default templates of each page with the default template design. So, sometimes…

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Upload multiple featured images in a post OR page (Wordpress)

Upload multiple featured images in a post OR page

In this tutorial, I’ll explain to you how to upload multiple featured images in any post type and pages and then show them at the frontend. We can do this…

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