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Convert Array-like Objects to Arrays in JavaScript Using Array.from()

In JavaScript, certain objects may resemble arrays, but they lack the array methods like map, filter, etc. These objects are often referred to as “array-like” objects. A common example of an array-like object is the NodeList returned by methods like querySelectorAll.

The Array.from() JavaScript method provides a convenient way to convert these array-like objects to proper arrays. It takes an iterable object and returns a new Array instance. This allows you to access all the array methods and properties.

Let’s see the example of converting Array-like Objects to Arrays in JavaScript Using Array.from().


Suppose you have a NodeList obtained by selecting all paragraph elements on a webpage:

const paragraphs = document.querySelectorAll('p'); // NodeList

Now, if you try to use array methods directly on paragraphs, you’ll encounter an error because NodeList doesn’t have these methods.

paragraphs.map(paragraph => console.log(paragraph.textContent)); // Error: paragraphs.map is not a function

To work around this, you can convert paragraphs to an array using Array.from():

const paragraphArray = Array.from(paragraphs); // Convert NodeList to Array

Now, paragraphArray is a proper array, and you can use array methods on it:

paragraphArray.map(paragraph => console.log(paragraph.textContent)); // Logs the text content of each paragraph


  1. Simplicity: Array.from() provides a straightforward and concise way to convert array-like objects into arrays without the need for verbose iteration or manual conversion.
  2. Compatibility: It works across modern browsers, making it a reliable solution for handling array-like objects consistently.
  3. Flexibility: You can use it with various iterable objects beyond just NodeList, such as argument objects or strings, making your code more versatile.

In summary, Array.from() is a powerful method to convert array-like objects to arrays, enhancing the flexibility and functionality of your JavaScript code.

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Why can’t I use array methods directly on NodeList objects?

NodeList objects, like those returned by querySelectorAll, resemble arrays but lack built-in array methods. This is because NodeList is live and dynamic, unlike arrays. To use array methods, convert NodeList to an array using Array.from().

Can I use Array.from() with other iterable objects?

Yes, Array.from() isn’t limited to NodeList. It works with arrays, strings, Sets, Maps, and array-like objects. For instance, you can convert strings into arrays of characters or Sets into arrays easily.

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