How to Remove OBJ Box From Title and URL in WordPress

Hi guys, in this article, we will tell you what exactly is OBJ box and how you can remove it from the title or URL of WordPress posts.

This issue is mainly happening when you are updating the old WordPress version with the classic editor to the new WordPress version of the Gutenberg editor. It can also happen when you have accidentally copied some text with Unicode from somewhere and then paste it into the title box of the WordPress post.

Let’s see what is OBJ symbol and how you can remove it from the WordPress title.

What is OBJ ( ) in WordPress Posts Title or URL?

OBJ is a WordPress post title that is basically referred to as an “object replacement character” You might have seen that OBJ box symbol ( ) in the WordPress post title, so it’s basically an object that is used by computer software to translate to a certain word or symbol.

This OBJ symbol is referred to as Unicode and used it represents some word or symbol. There are many symbols same like it that are used by programmatically representing specific code.

So when you see this type of OBJ symbol in your WordPress post title, it basically means that you have copied that text from somewhere else along with the Unicode symbol.

So now you are struggling with the issue and looking for how to remove this OBJ symbol from the WordPress post title. Don’t worry I will tell you the tips to remove the unwanted invisible characters or Unicode from WordPress.

Remove OBJ ( ) Box From Title or URL in WordPress

To delete the OBJ box from the WordPress posts title, you have to follow the one of following ways.

  • You have to retype the title once more.
  • You can paste the title in your editor, copy it again, and then add it to the post title.
  • You can select only that OBJ box symbol and remove it from the title.
  • Best way to fix it is by selecting and copying all text with CTRL+A and CTRL+C and then pasting into the online editor, deleting the OBJ box, and again pasting it into WordPress.

With the above same approach, you can do to remove the OBJ box symbol from WordPress post URL. After that, you will see the post title and URL without any Unicode or any Invisible characters.

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