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Conditional Show / Hide WooCommerce Checkout Fields

WooCommerce provides us lots of customization to customize the checkout page using the woocommerce_checkout_fields filter hook.

When you add a custom field to the checkout page, there may be some situations where you want to add a condition to appear or disappear that field based on what your customer chooses.

In this trick, we will see how to conditional show / hide WooCommerce checkout fields by adding magic with conditional logic. This adds a personal touch, making their journey even more enchanting.

WooCommerce Conditional Checkout Fields

Let’s consider a situational example where you want to add a condition to show or hide the ‘Company Name‘ field in the billing section based on whether the customer selects a business account during checkout.

function custom_checkout_fields_condition($fields) {

    // Check if the customer has selected a business account
    $is_business_account = isset($_POST['account_type']) && $_POST['account_type'] === 'business';

    // Add conditional logic to show/hide billing company field
    if ($is_business_account) {
        $fields['billing']['billing_company']['required'] = true;
        $fields['billing']['billing_company']['class'][] = '';
    } else {
        $fields['billing']['billing_company']['required'] = false;
        $fields['billing']['billing_company']['class'][] = 'hidden';

    return $fields;

add_filter('woocommerce_checkout_fields', 'custom_checkout_fields_condition');

In this example, We check whether the customer has selected a business account or not. Depending on the account type, we adjust the billing company field.

If they choose a business account, the ‘Company Name‘ field becomes required and visible; otherwise, it remains optional and hidden. This type of customization ensures a more tailored checkout experience for different customer scenarios.

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How can I customize WooCommerce checkout fields based on customer choices?

Use conditional logic with a few lines of code to show or hide WooCommerce checkout fields dynamically.

Is it possible to make a field mandatory only in certain checkout scenarios?

Yes, with conditional logic, you can adjust field requirements based on specific conditions.

Can I personalize the checkout for different customer types, like businesses and individuals?

Absolutely! Customize fields dynamically based on choices, tailoring the experience for diverse customers.

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